Funds managed by Bachow & Associates have provided expansion capital to exciting and growing companies. We target equity transactions of $5 million to $35 million. The firm has invested in private placements and buyout transactions with exceptional growth opportunities


Mission Statement

To achieve a superior rate of return by providing needed
capital, strategic, managerial and operational support to enable high-growth companies to maximize their potential.


Our interests are broad, including: technology, communications, service businesses, manufacturing, and vertical software. We will consider growth opportunities in most other industries except retail, distribution and packaged goods.


We are value-added investors with a large team of operationally-oriented professionals. We partner with management teams to enhance the execution of the company’s strategy.


Companies must have existing products or services with demonstrated market demand, and should currently or soon be profitable.

Other Interests

We consider special situations. For example: consolidation plays, under-performing situations, incomplete management teams, and private rounds in public companies.


Since inception in 1985, we have made more than 50 investments/acquisitions and produced high cash-on-cash and internal rates of return. We are looking for opportunities to invest in existing businesses, or to acquire companies. We will take either minority or majority positions.  A list of our prior portfolio investments can be found here.


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